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Hokuto no Ken Staffel 1

[Ger Sub] [Alternativtitel: Fist of the North Star] In einer weit entfernten Zukunft sieht die Welt ganz anders aus als Heute: Normale Menschen sind zu Sklaven geworden, während genetisch manipulierte Riesen die Welt regieren. In dieser Welt gehört Schießpulver der Vergangenheit an und Martial Arts sind die einzige Waffe, auf die sich ein Mann verlassen kann. Zu der Zeit kämpfen zwei Schulen um die Vorherrschaft: Hokuto und Nanto. Kenshiro ist der rechtmäßige Nachfolger der Hokuto Schule, während Shin der Nachfolger der Nanto Schule ist. Shin hat Kenshiros Freundin Julia entführt und Kenshiro begibt sich auf die Suche nach ihr. Er bereist das unfruchtbare Ödland der Postapokalyptischen Erde, um Julia zu retten. Letztendlich wird niemand geringeres als Kenshiros ältester Bruder Raoh, ein Möchtegern-Eroberer, der Kenshiro nicht als würdigen Nachfolger der Schule betrachtet, sein größter Rivale.


Anime Action Science-Fiction Drama


1984 - 1987


Keine Angabe


Toei Animation


Toyoo Ashida


Tetsuo Hara

1 God or Devil?! The Mightiest Man Who Appeared in Hell! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad TheVideo Vidto
2 The Deadly Fist of Lingering Regret! The Future is Sighted in the Barren Desert! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad TheVideo
3 In a City Without Light, a Lone Fist Burns! Furious Death of the Five Exploding Fingers! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
4 The Bloody Cross Attacks! Secret Technique, Death by Soft Strikes! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
5 Can the Flames of Love Burn in Hell? You Are Already Dead!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad TheVideo
6 Search Order from Satan. Find the Man with the Seven Scars. [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
7 Villains! Shall We Have a Countdown to Death? [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
8 Strike the Hidden Power Point! No Requiem for the Wicked! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
9 Villains! Say Your Prayers Before You Die! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad TheVideo
10 The Raging Flame Reverse Flow Punch! There Are Too Many Who Must Die! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
11 Villains! Listen to the Blues of Hell! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
12 I Am Death! I'll Chase You to the Ends of Hell! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
13 Rakan Nioh Ken! Once Unleashed, There's No Holding Back! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad TheVideo
14 A Miserable Age! Good People Die So Young! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad TheVideo
15 Count to Three! You're the One Who'll Die! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad TheVideo
16 Try to Sing Villains! The Counting Rhyme of Hell! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
17 Battle Makes a Man! The Gates of Confrontation Have Opened! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad TheVideo
18 Life or Death! At the End of the Wilderness Lies the First Street of Hell! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad TheVideo
19 Villains! Ready Your One-Way Tickets to Death! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad TheVideo
20 Nightmarish Full-Scale War! My Fists Pack One Million Volts! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
21 The Palace of Evil in Flames! Shin! Only One More Step to You Now! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
22 Yuria Forever... As Well as Shin! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
23 Stormy Times, Titanic Battles. Is Battle All That Awaits Me?! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
24 Nanto Suichoken! The Tragedy of the Mighty Begins! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
25 Sinners! Thy Name Is Fang! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
26 Tremble & Die! Villains Of Night Fog Valley! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
27 Only Villains Can Smile! How I Hate This Age! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
28 Rei, I'll Wipe Your Tears Away With My Fists! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
29 It's Too Late to Beg for Mercy! To Hell With You, Boss Fang! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
30 Destiny Draws Near! Jagi, Who are You? [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
31 The Hellish Iron Mask! He Who Terrorizes in the Name of the North Star!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
32 The Four Linked Fists of Rage! Jagi! I'll Wait for You in Hell!!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
33 This is the Village of Miracles! A Fallen Angel Has Descended!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
34 Toki! Are You an Angel or a Devil?! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
35 Fiend! Toki, Your Heart is Rotten to the Core!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
36 There Is No Looking Back! Only Hating Evil, And Striking Toki Down!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
37 Instead, I Shall Reject Love! For I Bear the Cursed Star of Death!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
38 Crimson Fist of Lotus Mountain! A Tragic Woman Born of the Times!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad TheVideo
39 A Wicked Legacy! The Gates to Cassandra Open Now! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
40 Villains Need No Graves! This Is the Hellish Cassandra!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
41 The North Star’s 2,000-year Tragedy! I Can Hear the Fist King’s Footsteps!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
42 A Century’s End with No Tomorrow! I’ve Been Waiting For You, Ken!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
43 Cassandra Collapses! The North Star’s Mythology Is Painted Anew!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
44 The Death Omen Star Shines! Fist King, Do You Control Even Death?! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
45 Those Who Fear the Reaper! Listen to the Voice of Lin’s Fiery Heart! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
46 Voices from Hell! Rei, Did You See the Death Omen Star? [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
47 The Nanto Dance of Death! I'll Give my Life for the Sake of Love!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
48 An Explosion of Secret Techniques! BEYOND HATRED IS THE FATE FOR THE BROTHERS OF THE NORTH STAR. [Ge Vivo OpenLoad
49 The Greatest Battle in History, Raoh vs. Ken! YOU’RE THE ONE TO DIE!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
50 72 Hours to Live! The Death Omen Star Drags Rei In!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
51 Fate Without Tomorrow! And Yet, A Woman Believes in Love!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
52 Yuda Of The South Star Six Sacred Fists! I'm The Most Beautiful!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
53 The Death Omen Star Looms! Rei! How Cruel Time Passes By!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
54 Beloved Mamiya! The Death Omen Star Lurks Behind The Sparkle In Your Eyes! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
55 Rei, Are You On Your Way To Death? A Man Is Beautiful Than Ever!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
56 Beautiful Warriors, Rei vs. Yuda! A Man's Passage Needs No Tears! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
57 Farewell, Rei! Heroic Legend Will be Told Throughout The Ages! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
58 Supreme Rule in Turbulence! As The South Star Fades, The North Star Appears!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
59 The Star of Darkness Engulfs The Heavens! Time Evolves Beyond The Deathmatch! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
60 Shu of The South Star White Heron Fist! What Will You Witness In The End Of This Century!? [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
61 Love on the Battlefield! Must the Time Tear Love Apart!? [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
62 I Am Souther, the Holy Emperor! I Disallow Love and Compassion!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
63 A Young Hero Challenges His Fate! Scream From Your Soul Shall Move The Heavens! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
64 A Bloody Battle, Shu vs. Souther! Love, Drowned in the Tears of the Star of Benevolence!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
65 The Bloody Cross Mausoleum! Shu! I’ll Catch Your Tears With My Heart!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
66 Run Kenshiro! Another Comrade is About to Die!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
67 Clash of the Polar Stars, Ken vs. Souther! My Star is the Only Protector of Heaven!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
68 Souther, The Despondent Holy Emperor! You Are Weary From Love!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
69 Critical Times of The North Star! The Three Brothers of Fate Are On The Move!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
70 The Other Divine Fist of the North Star! Drive Raoh to Oblivion!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
71 The Secret of Origin Revealed! The Heaven Prefers Tragedy!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
72 Farewell, Toki! A Man Only Cries Once!! [GerSub] OpenLoad
73 Ryuga of Sirius! I'll Seize the Rainbow in Tempest!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
74 A Wolf Running In The Horizon! There Lies The End of Love And Hatred! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
75 Forgive Me, My Sister! I Am Destined to Clash With The North Star!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
76 An Iron Fist for the Roaring Wolf! Toki is in Danger!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
77 Let the New Age Awaken! The Wolf's Howl Moves the Heaven! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
78 Shin of the South Star Sacred Fist! Risked Your Life For Love That Never Will!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
79 Rei of the South Star Waterfowl Fist! Was a Man Who Died For His Friends!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
80 Yuda of the South Star Crimson Crane Fist! His Beautiful Smile Calls For Tragedy!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
81 Shu of the South Star White Heron Fist! The Heaven Only Bestows Cruel Destinies! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
82 Holy Emperor Souther!! Your Deep Affection Consumes You In Love! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
83 Raoh Must Die! The Legend Turns to Terror!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
84 The South Star Strikes Back! The Wind Brigade Protects the Last General of the South Star!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad TheVideo
85 Prelude to a Death Match! The Screams of Hyui of the Wind Echoes in the Heaven!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
86 The Burning Crimson Brigade! Shuren is Drenched in Tears of Flame!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
87 Five Chariot Stars in Danger! Raoh Has Finally Pierced Through the Flames!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
88 The Five Chariot Stars Approach Kenshiro! Who Are You, Fudo?! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
89 The Crisis is Near! Ken, Destiny Awaits at the Capital of the South Star! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
90 I Am Juza of the Clouds! I Shall Move with the Flow of Time!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
91 The Clouds Remain! The Masked General is Finally Revealed!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
92 Juza of the Clouds Resurrects! I Have No Fear for Raoh!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
93 Juza vs Raoh! An End of the Legend of the Invincible!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
94 Fudo in Peril!! Hurry, Ken. A Man Must Not Abandon His Friends!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
95 Treacherous Quicksand! Will the Hand of Salvation Reach Fudo? [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
96 Juza Falls! I'll Give My Life to Protect the Woman I Love! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
97 Farewell Yuria! A Strong Man Will Not Speak of Love, Even in Death!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
98 The Capital of the South Star Trembles! The Two Brothers of the North Star Finally Arrive!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
99 Sadness of the Five Chariot Stars! Love and Destiny Looms Over the Woman!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
100 The Ultimate Secret Technique, Unconscious Transmigration! Raoh, I've Got You Now!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
101 Is It the End of Raoh and His Ambitions? The Heaven Hesitates Once Again!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
102 Raoh, the Confused Giant! I Don't Believe in Love!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
103 A Challenge From the Devil! Fudo, Be the Demon for Those You Love!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
104 Fudo, the Gentle Warrior! His Tears Awaken a Fiery Soul!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
105 Protect the Merciful Mother of the South Star! Even If It's the End of the Five Chariots!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
106 Raoh, Shaken by a Nightmare! Yuria, You Are the Only One!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
107 Showdown at the North Star Mind and Body Training Ground! No One Can Stop Them Now!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
108 Farewell, the Brothers of the North Star! They're Beyond Love and Sorrow!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad
109 Now Revealed!! The 2000 Year History of the North Star!! [GerSub] Vivo OpenLoad